SAFS provides the following services for families in the Sylvania School District; which does include parts of 43615, 43617, and 43623:

  • Utility and Rental Assistance Referrals
  • Food Assistance (Harvest Program): Weekly shopping in Choice Food Pantry **You must bring a valid I.D.**
  • Holiday Baskets Program  (Thanksgiving Meal & Christmas Adopt-a-Family)
  • Backpack School Supply Program (Back to School BBQ)
  • F.U.N. (Families United in Nutrition) Program
  • F.I.N.E. (Fitness/Friendship, Independence, Nutrition, Exercise/Education) Folks Program – specifically for Senior Citizens
  • Shop with a Local Hero
  • Senior Government Commodities

**Emergency Food for Lucas County residents-once a month, with valid I.D.**


***Current Print out from Jobs & Family Services (JFS) will suffice for proof of income, and Birth Certificates for children as long as everyone is listed on the JFS print out. You may also ask them for a proof of address print out.***


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