The Holiday season is fast approaching and it’s been a hard time especially for the economically challenged families in our community. We are looking for individuals or groups who are willing to “adopt” a family or multiple families for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. You or your group can spread a little holiday cheer and alleviate the financial stress of the holidays by providing help and hope to families in need. In lieu of traditional gift giving, we are asking donors to provide gift cards as we are limited in storage space due to our no-cost after school tutoring program. 

How Does It Work

1. Sign Up!  If you’re ready to be a donor, Click here to Adopt a Family

2. Get Paired!  We will pair you with a family size of your choice and then send you the family’s gift card wish list. 

3. Purchase!  You are under no obligation to spend a specific amount of money yet the following is suggested: 

Thanksgiving : You will provide a gift card equivalent to a complete holiday dinner based on the size of the family. We recommend using the guideline of  $25 per family member.  A suggested grocery store will be listed. 

Christmas:   We ask that you provide a gift card for both food and gifts. For food, and gifts we recommend using the guideline of $100 per family member. Each family will be assigned a family number to maintain client confidentiality. Donors are asked to label each gift card with both the family number, age and sex of each recipient. Then place all gift cards in an envelope labeled with the family number.

4. Drop-off! Drop times and days- If you have adopted a family for Thanksgiving, the drop off deadline is Monday, November 14 by 4 p.m. 

If you have adopted a family for Christmas the drop off deadline is Monday, December 12 by 4 p.m.

Thank you for your generous spirit during these challenging times.